EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.4.2 is released:​


Feature list will be updated after every update.
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EFT Dongle

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What's new

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.4.2 is released Rockchip Factory Reset Reset FRP

What's New :


[ Support for tablets ]
[ Support for TV Box ]
[ Support for Smart TV ]

Read info
Read Flash
Write Flash
Factory Reset
Reset FRP

Added Rockchip processors supported
Rockchip RK3588S
Rockchip RK3399-T
Rockchip RK3568B2
Rockchip RK3588
Rockchip RK3399S
Rockchip RK3356
Rockchip RK3568
Rockchip RK3566
Rockchip RK3328A
Rockchip RK3318
Rockchip RK3399Pro
Rockchip RK3228A
Rockchip PX30
Rockchip RK3308
Rockchip RK3326
Rockchip RK3366
Rockchip RK3126C
Rockchip RK3329
Rockchip RK3328
Rockchip PX6
Rockchip RK3399
Rockchip RK3229
Rockchip OP1
Rockchip RK3368
Rockchip PX5
Rockchip RK3128
Rockchip RK3126
Rockchip RK3288
Rockchip RK3188
Rockchip RK3066


EFT Dongle Features List:


– Automatic Translate all Android devices to all languages
– Translate system.img directly in PC
– Translate multi languages in the device & PC
– Supports apktool apk & jar (installing resources, decompiling, compiling, signing and zipalign)
– Translate custom string.xml
– Push apk files to custom path in device (to be System app)
– Create dictionary from android device or from system.img
– Install GAPPS packages
– Flash ZIP ROM in ADB
– Edit (Model Number, Build Number and CSC Version) in device
– Supports choose custom apktool.jar
– Install Morelocal
– Fix reboot errors if Root exists
– Supports Root Explorer
– Read / Write full userdata backup
– Reset FRP on ADB
– Reset ScreenLock on sideload
– Install custom APK
– Disable Ads in APKs
– Dump partitions to PC
– Open system.img file in windows
– Read Gesture.key file
– Convert contacts2.db to VCF


– Extract TAR ROMs
– Extract .img files
– Dump ROM using ADB
– Fix Wi-Fi errors
– Add Mobile Data toggle
– Remove Secure Storage
– Add Arabic & Farsi languages to samsung keyboard
– Fix contacts errors for general and Docomo series
– Remove T-Mobile bootlogo
– Enable hidden languages
– Fix TouchWizHome errors
– Enable LTE connection
– Fix read SIM errors
– Repair S-Health on tripped knox
– Set SIM count to dual | single
– Repair USSD codes
– Dump bootlogo and flash it
– Dump keyboard languages and write them
– Active some useful CSC features
– Disable notifications (security updates, SIM card not from and security reports)
– Flash factory firmwares
– Flash single .img
– Read PIT
– Reset KNOX
– Repair DRK
– Remove ScreenLock if FRP ON / OEM ON without data loss
– Remove ScreenLock if Data is Encrypted without data loss
– Remove FRP for UFS based devices
– Remove FPR for EMMC based devices
– Remove FRP on ADB
– Remove MDM (Knox Configuration Setup Wizard)
– Remove Please Call Me
– Repair IMEI for SPD based devices
– Repair IMEI for Some Qualcomm based devices (not all supported )
– Read CERT for SPD based devices
– Write CERT for (Exynos, Qualcomm, SPD) based devices (not all supported )
– Write (nv_data)
– Unlock network for (SPD, China, Exynos, Qualcomm, Sprint) based devices
– Patch IMEI Certification for SPD based devices
– Enable UART connection
– Reset MSL for (Exynos, Qualcomm) devices (not all supported )
– Restore original IMEI
– Read / Write EFS
– Read / Write Security
– Reset EFS
– Reset Security
– Read SPC code
– Backup / Restore DRK
– Fix EFS errors mount in recovery
– Repair dm-verity
– Make EFT-SU rooted kernel
– Root with prevent RMM from enabling
– Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock
– Make Kernel to enable ADB
– Make Kernel to bypass dm-verity
– Make kernel to Backup data to Ext. SdCard
– Make Rooted ADB Recovery
– Make Recovery to remove ScreenLock on Encrypted data
– Unlock bootloader on ADB
– Enable DIAG mode
– Unbrick Qualcomm based devices (not all)
– Extract LZ4 compressed files
– Reboot to download mode
– Factory Reset


– Enable hidden languages
– Enable hidden keyboard languages
– Read Info
– Get identifier token
– Unlock / Relock bootloader
– Reboot RUU mode
– Flash unlock code.bin
– Flash boot.img
– Flash recovery.img
– Flash sideload ZIP


– Read info
– Flash update.app
– Reset FRP Online
– Reset FRP Offline using MTP ِADB
– Factory Reset
– Remove ScreenLock on locked bootloader


– Read info
– Format cache
– Format userdata
– Run Memory test
– Format custom partition
– Reset FRP
– Read / Write Flash
– Read data & contacts
– Repair IMEI
– Supports select custom DA file
– Reset ScreenLock (Supports Encrypted data)
– Make Rooted Kernel
– Read / Write NVRAM
– Flash Scatter
– Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock


– Extract (KDZ, DZ) ROMs
– Read / Write Flash
– Supports Root explorer
– Supports ScreenLock reset
– Reset FRP
– Factory Reset
– Supports send custom Command to download mode


– Flash XML ROMs
– Reset FRP
– Fix Comm Server error


– Flash RAW ROMs


– Flash ROMs in EDL mode
– Flash ROMs in fastboot mode (TGZ)
– Erase Mi Account (Supports custom FireHouse file)
– Remove (Pattern, Password, PIN) in Recovery mode
– Flash sideload ZIP
– Reboot fastboot to EDL
– Unlock bootloader
– Remove Mi Account with format userdata
– Reset MiCloud
– Reset Mi Account with FRP


– Flash XML ROMs
– Supports use FireHouse
– Read info
– Read partitions
– Reset ScreenLock (Supports Encrypted data)
– Read data and contacts
– Factory Reset
– Reset FRP
– Reset config
– Make Rooted Kernel
– Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock

[Direct FASTBOOT]:

– Reset FRP (Supports Lenovo brand)
– Factory Reset (Supports Lenovo brand)
– Repair IMEI
– Unlock VIVO bootloader
– Unlock LYF bootloader

[Direct ADB]:

– Factory Reset
– Reset ScreenLock (Root)
– Reboot to (bootloader, fastboot, download, recovery and EDL)
– Open Developer Options directly when system boot

Feature list will be updated after every update.. 



Version Size Requirements Date
V4.3.8 59MB EFT Dongle 13/09/2022
V4.3.7 59MB EFT Dongle 13/09/2022
V4.3.6 59MB EFT Dongle 24/07/2022
V4.3.5 59MB EFT Dongle 28/06/2022
V4.3.4 59MB EFT Dongle 13/06/2022

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