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EMT v3.16.00 Released, Added Xiaomi 12X/Mi NOTE 10, Xiaomi/Oppo/VIVO Module MTK Dimensity 1200/1100/920/900/810/800U/720/700 etc models!



  • Read Information (Reading brand, model, factory code, software version, android version, hardware information etc from devices)
  • View Device Information (View board, platform, factory code, label name information etc without phone)
  • Factory Reset via Sideload mode (for Recovery 3.0 above version, Recovery > MiAssisant Mode)
  • Factory Reset (Reset your devices to its factory defaults settings)
  • Reset ID Lock (Account Lock)
  • Reset FRP via Sideload mode (Supported Reset FRP w/o open phone, w/o edl/mtk auth service for MIUI10 above version)
  • Reset FRP (Google Lock)
  • Partition File Manager (Supported online export, rename, erase, replace, delete files and directory of uncrypted EXT4 partitions)
  • Authentication Service (Xiaomi qualcomm authentication service via EMT server)
  • Read GPT (Reading partition table from devices)
  • Read Any Partition
  • Erase Any Partition (Erase additional options: set erase size)
  • Write Any Partition (Write additional options: Skip Security, Skip Userdata)
  • Flash (Flashing stock firmware to devcies)
  • Read Screenlocks (Supported uncrypted devices before Android 6.0, Type: Pattern, PIN, Password)
  • Reset Screenlocks (Supported uncrypted devices before Android 8.1.0)
  • Reset / Backup Screenlocks (Supported uncrypted devices before Android 8.1.0)
  • Restore Screenlocks (Supported uncrypted devices before Android 8.1.0)
  • Disable Screenlock (Reset screenlock without data loss for Android 6.0~9.0 FDE encrypted devcies, tested miui7.x~miui11.x)
  • Enable Screenlock (Restore devices original screenlock condition after disable screenlock)
  • Read Userdata (Reading contacts, sms, calls, photo, video, music, qq, wechat etc files from android uncrypted devices)
  • Userdata Browser
  • View TestPoint
  • Reboot into Normal
  • Lookup Model via Sideload mode
  • Reset Mi Account via flashing patch files
  • Unlock Bootloader via flashing patch files


Version Size Requirements Date
3.22.02 427MB EMT Tool 19/06/2022
3.22.00 425MB EMT Tool 18/06/2022
3.22.00 425MB EMT Tool 18/06/2022
3.21.01 425MB EMT Tool 14/06/2022
3.21.00 425MB EMT Tool 11/06/2022
3.20.00 354MB EMT Tool 09/06/2022

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