Oppo Software Update OTA ROM

Software Updates
Always optimize your OPPO device when there’s the latest software update available to enhance the system stability of your device. To check if there’s a system update available for your device, go to [Settings] > [Software update].

Once your phone can update to the latest version, choose the OPPO phone model on the list as categorized according to their series. It will also give the firmware information update like the version number, size, update date, download times, some notes on what’s the update about, and the list of previous versions.

However, the Android 11 update on your phone is currently unavailable. Our team is working on this and will make it available soon. Please stay tuned!

Oppo A-Series OTA ROM

Oppo F-Series OTA ROM

Oppo Find X Series OTA ROM

Oppo R-Series OTA ROM

Oppo K-Series OTA ROM
  • OPPO K3 – CPH1955EX_11_C.16
  • OPPO K1 – CPH1893EX_11_C.44_210702(Android9.0)

Oppo Reno Series OTA ROM

Oppo Old Model OTA ROM
  • Joy 3 – A11wEX_11_A.12_160813
  • Neo 5 –  1201EX_11_A.15_160730
  • Neo 5s – 1206EX_11_A.05_150813
  • Neo 7 –  A33wEX_11_A.24_190306

How to Update OPPO Phone Software Using Computer 

Updating your OPPO phone to its latest software can make your phone free from bugs and issues. It can also have new apps available for you to use. Although there are other ways to update your OPPO phone to new software, you can also update it using a computer. Check out the simple guide we created for you below. Read on!

Applicable to: All OPPO Smartphones. 

Note: This guide is about updating your phone’s software using a computer.  Optionally, you may use other methods of software update such as through OTA  (Over-The-Air), from an SD card, or through the Recovery Mode.

OPPO phone software update

Before you update your OPPO phone to its latest software version, it’s important to note the following benefits of keeping your phone’s software up to date:

  • Optimizing system performance.
  • Prolonging your battery life.
  • Developing compatibility with more third-party apps.
  • Enhancing the system stability.

Here are the steps to have the software update using your computer

Before doing the update, please make sure that you have a good network connection and that you have backed up your phone.

  1. Using your computer, visit your local OPPO support website.• In this URL Oppo Software Update OTA ROM the ‘ph’ refers to the region you’re in; in this case, it means the Philippines. Make sure that what appears on your URL matches the current location you’re in, so you’ll get an accurate result.
  2. While on the support homepage, scroll down to [Convenient Services] then click on [Software Updates].
  3. Check if your phone has an available update then click the OPPO Phone model that you want to have the software update.
  4. Read the software update information then click on [Download], then at the bottom left part of your browser will show the file and the time it needs to complete the download.
  5. Once the download is complete, click on [Show in folder] then look for the software update file. 
  6. Connect your OPPO phone to your computer, then choose [Transfer Files]. On your computer, a pop-up will show then click on [Open device to view files].
  7. Open the two folders on your computer, then drag the Software update file to the phone storage folder. Wait for it to finish transferring. 
  8. On your phone, go to the [File Manager] / [My Files] app > [Phone storage] > then look for your device’s Software Package. Install the file and wait for it to be done. 

Note: Your OPPO smartphone will restart a couple of times while the installation is ongoing. Don’t interrupt the process to avoid issues.